The Giants House is an exceptional experience, a creation by Josie Martin - Painter, Sculptor, Mixed Media Artist, Horticulturist and Traveller.

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Welcome to our Garden

A Garden of International Significance 6 stars (NZGT).

Josie Martin - a qualified Horticulturist and Artist, used her two passions to design and create the gardens at The Giants House 23 years ago, this is always a work in progress.

The gardens are a fully integrated and inseparable combination of art works and gardens - a contrast and balance of the hard and soft. Original, quirky, colourful, seriously playful, interactive and joyous celebration of life, complete with a highly polished stainless steel Giant sculpture, Bella Vita.

There is a flat area of gardens around the house, much seating, and terraced up the hill with surprises at every turn. In Summer, visitors can enjoy a snack or a meal in the delightful garden cafe whilst visiting.

Garden of International Significance 2018 {NZGT}