The Giants House is an exceptional experience, a creation by Josie Martin - Painter, Sculptor, Mixed Media Artist, Horticulturist and Traveller.

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Soirees at The Giant's House

Josie's concerts/soirees are professional and intimate.

They were voted twice by The Christchurch Press to be in the top 10 musical highlights of the year! Josie has hosted such well known performers/musicians as Fiona pears, deborah Wai Kapohe, warwick Broadhead, michael Parmenter, malcolm McNeil, Tom Rainey, Keith Petch, uce Paine, Lynley Caldwell, Wytze Hoekstra, Romano Dragoni, The Jews Brothers and Linn lorkin and others.The concerts include Jazz, Gypsy, Opera, Classical guitar, querky plays etc.

All concerts include perusal of Josie's paintings inside the house, and viewing of the sculpture, mosaic garden

Contact Josie or phone her on (03) 304-7501